I found Venus Noorleila online, drawn by her incredible energy. I knew she had something to share with me. At the time I was going through a heart-wrenching personal event. I also faced a difficulty getting my artistic career started. Venus ran my “bars”. After one session, I no longer had the chaos in my head preventing me from achieving my dreams. I also felt immediate relief and relaxation. In the years since my first session with Venus, I have built a successful career and become a bars practitioner myself, sharing the gift that Venus gave me with countless others across the world. If you have a chance to receive the Bars from her, DO IT!  

~ Carly Dandrea, (Missoula Montana)

My reading with Venus was phenomenal. I was in need of something to help me through a traumatic part of my life.  I had no motivation or drive, I felt blocked and grief was so intense I was willing to be open minded for an energy session. After it I felt uplifted.  Venus helped me through a major part of that. Thank you Venus. ~Tina Hernandez (Georgia, US)

Venus Noorleila easily dissolves the deceiving fog of self limitation I have created, and leaves me with astounding clarity. Plus she does it effortlessly. I never imagined someone could facilitate such dynamic self-growth and expansion with such a gentle touch.

~ Maryliz Priestly (Michigan, US)

I was first introduced to Access Consciousness by Venus Noorleila and simultaneously to the wonderful world of possibilities in 2009. This amazing world of conscious choice is where I now choose to dwell thanks to her.  In 2010 Co-Facilitating Bars classes with Venus was a wonderful experience that furthered my gratitude and respect for this lovely being of light. She is clearly here to BE the connector and facilitator she truly is. 

~ Joey Mercadante (Toronto, Canada)

Venus has been my facilitator and connection with the Access BARS process. Her work allowed my mind to expand and reach more and new possibilities i could not perceive previously. Also to awaken energies that went from just potential to something available and useable.  Insight, deep perception plus a positive and fun approach are what characterize the skills of Venus in her facilitator activity. Enjoy her being and yours! 

~ Marco Tessiore (Italy)

Venus has the innate ability to inspire anyone to ask for more in their lives. Through her energy, words and keen understanding of the Access philosophy, she will drive you to pursue the infinite possibilities for improving yourself and your dynamic connection with all that surrounds you.

~ Lauren Bedard (Rhode Is. US)

I am a massage therapist and have a client who was having problems with one of his eyes constantly itching.  I have been choosing to add the energy pulls and “Re-creation of Bodies” to my massage practice and added those into his massage that day. After his massage he noticed that his eye had stopped itching. Pretty cool!  This individual comes for a massage every 2 weeks and the itching did not return over a 2 or 3-month period. Yesterday he came in for a massage and mentioned that his eye had been itching since about a week ago. I did the energy pull and as I did that he could feel the itching gradually going away until it was completely gone! This itching was literally driving him crazy so I just want to say how grateful I am to have a tool that could change so much for him in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes!!! Thank you Access! ~ Linda Stalder (FL, USA)


 I found the Bars session I received to be very complimentary to other work I have been doing with my body/ mind/ spirit energies.  So compatible in fact that, the night of receiving the session I had an immense energetic breakthrough. The effects seem to have lasted for days afterwards, and indeed I feel as though a permanent shift has occurred. I believe the application of Access Bars are a wonderful tool that can be used singularly or in congruence with other energy healing!”
~ Nicole Bedy (MI, USA)


“I had my second Access Bars session last week, and I am amazed tofind that the effect of the second session has been every bit as striking as thefirst.  The sessions themselves were relaxing and peaceful, including sensationsof gentle “movement” inside of my head.  Toward the end of the sessions Iexperienced, from a source apparently outside of myself, a warm influx of love,peace and joy.  Both times, I spent the next 24 hours in a state that can onlybe described as “high”!  As I settle back into everyday life, I carry with me abuoyancy and strength that are decidedly greater than what I possessed prior tothe session.  Moreover, I feel that the increased joy and resilience Iexperienced after the initial session remained with me during the next 6 weeks,and that my subsequent session built onto them, with the effect of graduallyraising my “happiness set-point”.   Having a life-long history of depressionand of treatment with anti-depressants, I would  highly recommend this therapyto anyone seeking help with this issue, and also to anyone wishing to facilitatethe process of becoming their greatest and most fulfilled self.” ~ Carolyn (ON, CAN)