About Me

 Spawned at first what may have appeared to be an “accident” in the humid armpit of Singapore, with Daddy to thank for his taste in fancy Asian women, little Venus came easily into the world and then promptly died. Deciding to live after said Papa had gazed up at the stars and declared “she will be Venus”,  indeed she went on to use her first passport aged 11 months, hair: auburn, height 0.98cm, eyes: crossed.

Memorable occasion: replacing citizenships with that of the Great Southern Land of Australia.  The ceremony bore paper with golden stamps and a spoon.  Yes. A Spoon.

Welcome to Oz, Venus.  Eat well!

Parents divorce, A-Grades, awkward first kisses, gothic tendencies, love of film, plenty of music, playing hooky from school with nordic looking skater-punks, half-assing University, traveling here and there, sleeping in oversized teepees and all those types of shenanigans later…and Miss Venus chose to post up on the peculiar shores of Seoul, South Korea. Nearly a decade later and she had amassed a shining collection of experiences that speak volumes of her willingness to give anything that sounds fun, a shot.  Some may say we all sell ourselves in different ways, well Venus certainly “got around”: first with teaching English (which she admittedly wasn’t the best at) then on to nightclub management, DJing, event conspiring, voice acting, writing, magazine co-ordinating, radio guest appearance-ing, TV commercials, modeling and eventually even some acting. Though this delightful mixed-bag of distraction provided endless running about and pushing of comfort boundaries, it wasn’t until the introduction of energy work into her life did things really start to change at warped speed.

During the death of a close friend, and the simultaneous introduction of Access Consciousness, potencies and abilities Venus was not aware she had, began to explode like volcanoes erupting.  It was as if they had been just under the surface, like seeds ready to push through into the outer reality if given enough light to grow.

The further down the so-called rabbit hole she went, the more that shifted and changed.  The less she was able to hold on to the life she thought she had “goin’ on” and the more she allowed herself to be challenged by the questions and awareness arising on the daily.  (Such is a path for the brave, to reach down into the crap one has created, take a big whiff and then flush it all away.)

In daily gratitude to the Access toolbox stacked with pragmatic applications for all of life’s “difficulties”,  Venus’s metamorphosis included an entirely new space from which to function.  What became more real was the desire to contribute to change in other people’s lives, to honoring that part in her that always knew more was possible and to what it was going to take to step into that greatness even more.

Suddenly, the word JOY had a more apt meaning.

Naturally, this story is a work in progress. The type of evolution that requires endless questions, a perpetual curiosity and the boldness to step into new places.  Calling upon the childlike in her to be ever more present minus the unnecessary (with a heaping of every-day magic) she welcomes each day with a grin and a big-up to the universe whilst asking questions like: How can today be more fun than ever imagined possible?

and: What else is truly possible?