Find A Good Reason To Hibernate on Greatness this Winter.

Doesn’t it seem like some people have a tendency to start shutting down when it comes to winter?

Preparing themselves for Vitamin D deficient states, limited time outdoors, black coats (oh so many black coats) and a general “ugh” for the approaching need to coat exposed skin from the bite-y winds of the season?

What if we choose to buck the trend of having an emotional response to weather?

Does it fancy you to not slip into that commonality of a perspective that says one season is better than another and instead flex your given capacity to choose to create the type of energy in your life that would not only warm YOU from the inside out, but also shed light on all those in your radius?

What if all it takes is you finding a few reasons why you ought to not be the same as the army of emo who get a wee bit miserable in the colder months?

Let me ask a few questions and see if any of them can provoke a reason to smile when others growl.

1.  What happens when one person chooses to function from a higher vibration? Do others also not become a little more inspired to shake off heavier energies?

2. Does it give YOU more energy or drive to continue on with your creations if you aren’t giving away your innate power to a lower state of being? 

3. Would you like to maybe realise that previously when you have felt “down” during winter that it could actually have been you picking up on the thoughts, feelings and emotions of those around you?  Would you like to ask yourself – “As an infinite being, would I really be down about the cold?”

4. What would be fun for you, during the next few months? What could you create or generate that would switch up the atmosphere of your current reality and make it the most enjoyable yet?

5.  What other colours can you wear?  How funky CAN you get? ;-P What if we don’t forgo the rainbow just cuz it’s snowy?

6.  What get-togethers can you conspire that would provoke warm & fuzzes for you & others?

I have had my fair share of frosty winters in South Korea & am now approaching my first in Canada – so believe me, I have been through the thoughts above.  Certainly making the choice to be of an alternatively light energy in an otherwise sometimes slightly oppressive atmosphere can make all the difference between a bleaugh winter and a yay one.

Here’s to red coats, smiling on the subway and mid-week creation sessions with beautiful friends!

PS – Now that I contribute to Sundown United you should totally go to their site and warm yourself off the toasty goodness found therein. It has already given me a healthy heart-glow since connecting with the human light beams at its helm.

 Here’s a winter coat idea! hehe