Is it time to be more comfortable in your body? Introducing: ACCESS BODY PROCESS: “MTVSS”


(Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System)

This technique is often the “tool of choice” for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning.  MTVSS can undo ways that our bodies have been altered through trauma, environmental pollutants, and fixed points of view.  You have within the body, terminal valence systems which, by sloughing valences, change the element within the molecular structure.  Every time you ingest a foreign element, you slough a valence so that the molecules can adhere to each other and leave the body through normal elimination.  This causes disruption and debilitation of your body.

*What are the benefits of having MTVSS run on your body?

Boosting and Stimulating the:

Central Nervous System


Respiratory System

Digestive System

Lymphatic & Hormone System and more

Undoing trauma, recent or old, in the body

Undoing scar tissue

Releases the points of view you have about aging.

Activating, Boosting and stimulating your immune system.

This is an 80 min hands-on Process, done wherever the body requires it. 

Results are completely risk-free, and increase over time with consecutive sessions.

Body Sessions = $150/80 minutes

Book more than two = $120/session 

Now doing sessions out of Toronto Healing Arts Centre 🙂

Get in touch to book a time or try it out!