What To Do When Dreaming Big Scares the Crap Out of People

I am no stranger to extrapolation.  In fact , I might say it is almost pathological. Give me a seed of an idea that you have, and somehow I can see it’s various delightful future possibilities as one huge ever expanding cloud diagram with notes, plans and references emerging full tilt in all directions from a tiny central blip of a beginning that hasn’t even explored it’s own identity yet.

Wow! Great! Good, how can I hire you?  (You say).

Yes! It is all well and good and a pretty fantastic talent – however, often it has scared the absolute daylights out of clients, associates or mates who go away with a dazed and confused sensation in their universe. Why? Well my mistake was in offering to them the vastness of all I happen to be able to perceive in that one slice of an idea over one cup of coffee.

Were they ready for that?

Or had they just allowed themselves to open the curtains on the window just a wee bit and weren’t actually intending on this sort of personal revolution?

The truth is:  People are only willing to receive a certain amount.  

Even if it is the most brilliant,  life-changing, marvelous magical self/business/life medicine known to that moment and to mankind, there is a certain “level” to what people are up for hearing.   Hey, not saying my extrapolations ARE exactly that, however they do tend to provoke people to pushing themselves slightly further than they once thought they could be pushed, so this is something I have learned to do (and frankly, still am)…

and that is to always ASK WHAT A PERSON CAN RECEIVE. 

It will:

1.  Save your energy from being put into things that aren’t ready to move out of creation mode and into instigation mode. 

2.  Have them remain in your life without that sense of overwhelm that could have them shying away from newness.

3.  Show that you understand that only giving what someone requires is actually a KINDNESS.

Um, yes about that last point.  What if it is actually unkind to give someone what they are unwilling to receive?  Would you keep feeding a baby if it were full? Keep putting fuel in a car whose tank was pretty much full and had just been switched on after a cold winter?

Chill out!  When (and IF) the person is willing to receive the expansiveness of your propositions, they will.  If not, what about seeking out those who ARE up for dreaming big? Or, keep it to yourself!  I heard a very funny and wise man once say: “If you try to give something to someone that doesn’t want to receive it, they will return it to you with daggers attached”

Boy do I remember this to be true! Especially in the scenario of relationships.

Remember:  just because you are aware of something doesn’t mean you have to say anything about it.   Especially if the person isn’t up for receiving it.  Shut that (beautiful) mouth of yours and be kind at the same time.

Venus is an energy healer, facilitator & life coach currently based in Toronto.  Her motivation is that of bringing light and information onto the planet through working with people like you.  Feel free to connect for a free 30 minute Skype session to see what else could be possible for you.  Or she is now based out of Toronto Healing Arts Centre. for one on one sessions.