99% of Your Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions Don’t Belong To You

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Well congratulations!  You are more comfortable with being psychic.  As promised, I’m going to share with you some tools that will (if you use them) open you up to more of this funny thing called “Knowing” or “Intuition” or “Awareness” or “Gut-Feeling”

So two days ago I was sitting all packed and ready to go to a class downtown when I suddenly got the awareness not to leave just yet.   I was looking at my clock and stuffing around in my apartment wondering why it was necessary for me to start cleaning NOW…before my bus was to arrive downstairs.

Yes, I guess you could say that:

So I started asking questions like:

“What is this?” (feeling)

“What is this (feeling) telling me?”

“Would it be more expansive to go on the 4pm bus or the 5pm bus?”

“What’s right about this that I’m not getting?”

Despite my brain doing its best to kick in and override the information that was subtly present in that moment by interjecting with things like: “But, but!  Your class starts at 5:45pm you will be late!  It takes 10mins to walk...”etc etc,  instead I chose the 5pm bus and continued about at home as that little sensation then faded and was replaced by calm.  Plus the kitchen would now be clean. *satisfied sigh*  Funnily enough, when I did arrive at the destination point of my journey, there were hoards of people clogging up the entry-way to the subway whilst police cars, fire trucks and security guards surrounded the perimeter of the building.  I removed one of my headphones to listen to a clearly perplexed woman ask a question to a guard:

“Is it safe to go back on the subway now, sir?”

“Yes, we have cleared it up and it’s back and running now”

HuZzah!  I then grinned to myself and clocked the fact that I had known this and followed my knowing, whispering gratitude to myself as I strut to my class (somehow on time!!) How domestic can you get huh?

I’m not sure exactly what I had side-stepped by following my knowing, nor do I know if it would have really effected me, however in following those little messages/feelings/info bits that come through – I was able to make things a little more ease.  Which IS the point….wait, isn’t it? ^.^

What can you do to start opening up this capacity in you?

1.   Ask questions

2.   Wait and listen for the awareness (trust that you know)

3.   Be brave and actually FOLLOW what you ‘get’

Let me take it back a little though because I get that sometimes it’s challenging to know what your awareness is – and what is all the OTHER stuff that is kicking around in your brain.  Lucky for us,  Access Consciousness has come up with this fantastic tool that goes a little something like this:


Sounds simple right?

Yes in theory it is very, very simple.  The challenge is:  Can you apply this?

This is what you do:

For every thought, feeling and emotion that comes into your head – you ask the above question.  A pretty cool thing happens when you ask this question…if it ISN’T yours..it simply takes your suggestion and goes back to whence it came.  Leaving YOU, the human satellite dish, with less junk in the airwaves of your brainy brain.

Why is that desirable?  Because the less you have goin’ on UP THERE, the more you can differentiate what is your awareness and what is simply crap coming through.  ie: you picking it up from all the gazillions of thoughts and feelings that are being projected into the space between us all, constantly.

Next time you get some “random” thought in your head or sudden feeling in your body,  ask this question and see what happens!  See if it leaves as quick as it appeared, without the necessity of you claiming responsibility for it and having to “deal” with it for however long.

If you REALLY like the idea of being a walking meditation (without going to the cave, shaving off your hair and hurling your IPhone into the sea) ~ the real challenge is to apply this tool, every day.  After only a few days (hours/minutes) you WILL see that close to ALL of that which appears in your mind is NOT YOURS.  Scary, huh?  Who DOES it all belong to?  yikes. (*that’s another story)

Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness) says that over 98% of all your thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t actually belong to you.  

Be(A)Ware:   Your idea of reality will likely change. 

Thank you for being fantastically mettlesome, my friends.  You are a source of great inspiration to me! Plus receiving the amazing daily emails about your own personal experiences has opened up a lot of ideas for me and is just generally awesome to hear about.  Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for sharing them with me!  I always welcome more and will always make the time to respond to such emails.

I would lurrve to hear what comes up for you if you choose to play around with this tool!  *I have to tell you, my initial foray into this was not exactly a room full of sunshine!  Suddenly I was aware of all the immense sadness in the world and  it just about floored me!

Let me know how you go!

Venus is an energy healer, facilitator & life coach currently based in Toronto.  Her motivation is that of bringing light and information onto the planet through connecting with people like you.  Feel free to connect for a free 30 minute Skype session to see what else could be possible for you. 

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