You Are More Psychic Than You Realize. (But hey, you already knew that)

You want to deny this.  I see it, right here in my crystal ball.

No I’m not! (you protest)  Psychics are bohemians! Hippies! Gypsies! Characters in movies that are hired by the FBI to crack difficult homicide cases! Someone with a 1800 number and/or a neon sign in their storefront and a mysterious look in their eye…ok well…

Tell me if ANY of these has ever happened to you: 

1. You were thinking about someone and they called you moments after.

2. You walk into a room and you knew how people were feeling.

3. You went to a crowded place (like the subway in seoul at peak hour) & suddenly felt a (heavy) sensation in your body.

4. You had a feeling not to go to a certain place and instead went somewhere else and hence avoided something unfavorable

5. You had “invisible” friends whom you would play with and talk to when you were a wee one (or now, for that matter!)

6. You have sensed, seen, heard, spoken to a being which was minus a body (ie: “ghost”)

7. You hear your dog’s voice in your head.  He sounds Brittish.

Ok #7 is just me….(maybe?)

I am gonna go out on a limb and call you psychic. You are and you have always been.

Why am I telling you this?  Well what if, instead of chalking these types of occurrences up to coincidence or weird and random or saying things like “that was like, so crazy man!” that you could instead USE this inbuilt, natural capacity to actually help you out?  Instead of just calling it weird? ie: Use it as it was designed to be used.

How?  There are plenty of ways but the first might be to actually ALLOW yourself to know it.  Instead of resisting giving yourself credit for the times when you WERE using it, what if you could step into the “far-out” world of simply receiving information (which is what it basically is) and have fun with it?  Put it this way: It’s like having the most precise GPS system ever, embedded into your consciousness.  A fool proof go-to that will never lie to you, never lead you astray and certainly has your highest, bestest interests involved.  Which does NOT say much about that other thing (read: BRAIN) that we seem to place so much credit on to get us out of sticky situations.  My point of view is: if it could have done that by now, wouldn’t it already have?  #tooslow #toosneaky

So, if you are brave – first look back at those times where you did have a psychic experience.  The time you may have written off as Just Another Freaky Occurrence and put wherever you like to stash all the other things you are in denial about. Ha! Harsh? True? C’mon, you know I do it too.  (Does it help that I made it rhyme, made it rhyme just for you?)  You don’t need to drop everything and move to Canada,  just consider that it might have been your Awareness/Knowing working and you might have been, for once, in a state of receiving of that information.

For what reason might you be able to use such a tool, you wonder?

Well the first thing that springs to mind is – you can avoid ALL sorts of things.  Whether it be the downright domestic, like traffic jams and bar fights – to unfavorable business transactions and mental meltdowns. You can know NOT to say, WHAT to say, WHEN to say it, HOW would be best to rephrase it and win win win because you said it that way.

You can revise plans of action/activity, have an instant weather forcast, be the BEST at playing madlibs, talk to animals, read situations, do work whilst sleeping, pick the answers out of the teachers head without studying….oh the list goes on and the more it does the weirder you think I am.  That’s cool, but you kind of fancy having these types of skills – just for fun anyways, right?

Aside from that you could actually (if you flex with sincerity) start creating your life from a place of real awareness, which includes a lot more than just what your brain has figured to be real and true thus far.

Catch?  Flex is the key word.  I hint at the analogy that your psychic faculty is indeed a muscle in itself.  It WILL need to be roused from the couch potato mode you have arrested it with, taken out of its’ wife-beater and appropriately suited up for its’ daily exercises.   BUT what happens when muscles are worked? Yup you got it, imminent bulging.  Bulging with all the weird stuff that you might have thought only found in movies. Would you like to know some other tools to use to GROW this delicious, sexy muscle?  Tell me a story of when you were psychic….& I’ll share some special stuff with you.

PS – Part Two: 99% of Your Thoughts Feelings & Emotions Don’t Belong To You


Venus is an energy healer,  facilitator & life coach currently based in Toronto.  Her motivation is that of bringing light and information onto the planet through working with people like you.  Feel free to connect for a free 30 minute Skype session to see what else could be possible for you! Twitter: @venusnoorleila