Flick the switch (Change Your Mind) and Light Your Own Way


 Albert Schweitzer once said:  “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.  Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us”

I beg to differ.  Can the light of something that is essentially made of light, truly ever go out?  Of course, we know what he means.  He is talking about when you hit a ‘low’, when things look a bit grim and along comes a messenger with an uplifting perspective to let some of that lightness in to your space and being thankful for that.  We have all experienced that, right?  Well what if, when you feel yourself sliding into the gloomier shades of grey,  you try these questions out?

1.  Are you looking at what is wrong about you?  What if you flip that and look at what is right about the situation/you?

2. This is the time to start asking questions.  What question could you ask that could open this situation up for you?  What awareness are you not allowing yourself to receive?

3. What if being uncomfortable means you are aware of more & now have the chance to choose to upgrade/update/dissipate the old idea of self you might have and replace it with something different?

4. It’s fun to be a sadsack/gloomy sometimes and you are secretly enjoying it so go on and use it/admit it. (Just don’t overindulge in the junk food over there)

We are all aware that if we change our perspectives even just an iota, it can change the reality of the situation itself.

If you change your mind about changing your mind, might you be grateful to yourself that you did and possibly not even require anyone to remind you how awesome you are?

Either way, if you feel your light is dim and you require someone to set you back on fire, I’m your girl.  Give me a reason (or an email) to let you know how awesome you are or at least an offer to change your perspective, and believe me, I will.


Venus is an energy healer,  facilitator & life coach currently based in Toronto.  Her motivation is that of bringing light and information onto the planet through working with people like you.  Feel free to connect for a free 30 minute Skype session to see what else could be possible for you!