Three Ways You Destroy Things Before They are Even Created

Not sure about you, but I am a chronic list maker.  Adding to that, I am constantly getting excited over new and amazing ideas that could change just about whatever you can imagine.  The bedroom revolutionary.  The ideas girl.  I can take a small thing and almost instantly blow it up.  In a good way, that is. I swear I’ve got the lists to prove it.  Despite all great intentions to take over the world, oftentimes those brilliant ideas still sit as already exploded bombs on my desktop in a folder named: “Things That Fizzled Out”

So what did I do to slow down the trajectory of what could have otherwise been dynamite?

1.  Have Expectations

2.  Over Plan

3.  Linger

Ah…if only we could stamp the reminder: “Expectations are nothing but premeditated disappointments” to the underside of our eyelids so that we would refrain from applying this to all frames of our existence!  Whether that be relationship, business, projects or life in general – how often than not has it paid more to remain in a state of constant question to the Universe instead of allowing ourselves to fall into the Expectation rabbit hole, with nothing much more than the flimsy pretense of Hope to guide us?  Also, how much information have we cut off from receiving when we have already decided how something is going to look? Hence setting the stage for imminent disenchantment?  Clue One:  Ask Questions (feverishly) and don’t stop EVER.

The One Plan To Rule Them All…Who knew that by oh so specifically planning out each and every microscopic detail in detail with details on the details, would in fact be to your projects’ detriment?  The point here is, we are no strangers to what science now confirms – Our Thoughts Effect Molecules – SO the more in depth you place information and thoughts on these elements, the more thoroughly you have then defined it.  Yikes!  What if those molecules are coming together by your obsessiveness to create it & blammo! before you have even taken steps towards actualizing it, it has already been created?  I am talking about in the beginning stages, here too.  Not saying you can’t let your OCD capacities run rampant when coming up with your new evolutionary blueprint – it’s just when you get so far into it and plan it all away, what have you left for the Universe to do?  Clue Two:  Plan in bullet points (whilst adding Clue One to the equation)

So you got skills, you could once leave writing your papers in school to the last available moment?  You push it and push it until you know you’re reaching/ breaching your good-books-credit-limit?  Not gonna work with creative projects, kids!  If it is true that Love is a Verb, then so is having a creative project.  Act!  Move!  Contribute!  Energy!  Everyday!   Linger?  and the idea fizzles like Tum’s in an overstuffed  stomach and might amount to nothing much more than having a meal and then forgetting you even had it.  Now,  if actually getting out on the floor and working your hustle sounds disgustingly tedious, you might wanna start requesting that those who DO fancy that type of work, show up in your life.  Clue Three: Move Your Lazy A*$. 

So we put it all together and what-do-we-get?

1.  Ask Questions

2.  Plan in point form (+ ask questions)

3.  Move it, move it.

What kind of questions are helpful to ask, you say?  Why thanks for asking!  I’ll get to THAT very soon.  Think of your own in the meantime.


Venus is an energy healer,  facilitator & life coach currently based in Toronto.  Her motivation is that of bringing light and information onto the planet through working with people like you.  Feel free to connect for a free 30 minute Skype session to see what else could be possible for you! 

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