What If You Didn’t Need To Hit Rock Bottom In Order To Have An “Aha!” Moment?

What If You Didn’t Need To Hit Rock Bottom In Order To Have An “Aha!” Moment?

Do you have one of those stories where you hear yourself say: “Yeah, everything has crumbled! My dog died, my girlfriend started seeing some guy younger and better looking than me, my business has gone to sh*t, some of my friends have turned out to be some pretty legit backstabbers…I just don’t think I can do this anymore. F my life!”…?

Suddenly simply opting out of the whole manic repetitive loop feels better than sitting on a ticking time bomb where you might just implode with the sheer melancholy of it all, anyways? I certainly have had one (or more) of those.  Good news for me, is that I was able to use these moments of emo reality as a springboard into newness which almost sounds fun, right? Let me get this straight, it was far from fun.

That path was one wrought with all the obligatory heartache, gut wrenching doubt, unnecessarily abusive behaviours and a generally darkened road which appeared to be void of any spiritual sustenance. Nightmare, right?  ~ For some, the catalyst to change is evoked from the intensity of the bottom dropping out of their paradigm and it flipping so hard into its new state that it leaves them temporarily in the Changeover Zone – the one that clearly states that there are only two options.  Those two being:  To Change OR yes, Go Ahead and Die. Death, meaning (in extreme cases), in its literal sense of the word.  In others, its more of a metaphorical one that refers to certain parts of Self not really given room to grow and thus thrive with intensity, just by being stepped into.  These could include inherent abilities, capacities, awareness of self and purpose of self and everything that is magical and juicy, in between. What if death, imbalance or complete destruction of all that you have created didn’t have to be the catalyst for you to choose to recognize what it is that you can contribute to not only you, but also the planet and consciousness itself?

Ok, maybe that is a bit much all at once.  But starting with you, is where all the rest of that stuff can begin to even be a possibility. As for me, although I admittedly spent plenty of nights making the most of my “Dark Side” and purging as much spontaneously moody poetry as humanly possible, I would say that despite it seeming like a hideous storm had encroached upon my campsite  with the intent of ripping the roof off my house, without warning – I had in fact created it for the purpose of giving myself an undeniable option, change or perish. Yup, had to ‘fess up to that.  The poetry was good.  The recovery sometimes took years.  Were the changes lasting? Hmm, that’s a good question.  (The answer is no)   What if you don’t need a sad story that others can relate to? Didn’t have to be the character who had to overcome some most dastardly adversity in order to see the light?  What if just by being awesome and stepping up more and more into that awesomeness was a feat deserving of its own tale?  I mean, how many people do you actually see choosing that?  What if it is a total lie that you need to experience the opposite of a state of being in order to fully appreciate where you are?

What if it is just choice?  Something which you can choose with every step of the way?

Ah ha!